13th African Games, Republic of Ghana 8th – 23rd March 2024

13th African Games: Egypt wins Mixed Team Rapid

13th African Games: Egypt wins Mixed Team Rapid

The chess programme of the 13th African Games in Accra, Ghana, kicked off with the Mixed Team Rapid Championship, a 6-round Swiss tournament with 15 min + 10 sec time control that attracted teams from 18 countries. Each team consisted of two chess players, featuring one man (first board) and one woman (second board).

As many expected, it all came down to the race of the rating favorites, although both top and second seeds, Egypt and Algeria, stumbled at the start: the Pharaohs drew with Uganda in Round 1, while the Algerians fell to South Africa (0.5-1.5) in Round 2.

Unfazed, Egypt whitewashed their opponents in Rounds 2-4 and grabbed the lead with 7/8, closely followed by Madagascar, Algeria and Angola, all on 6/8. The match Egypt – Algeria in Round 5 (arguably the most important one for both teams) ended in a draw, but Madagascar and Angola also split points facing each other.

Going into the final sixth round as the sole leader, Egypt won both games vs Nigeria and clinched the title with 10/12. Egypt’s (GM Bassem Amin and WGM Shahenda Wafa) gold is well-deserved. The Pharaohs became the only unbeaten team in the competition, with Bassem Amin (pictured below) winning all his six games.

Algeria (IM Adlane Arab and WIM Lina Nassr) prevailed over Angola and took silver, netting 9/12. In the match for last place on the podium, Madagascar and South Africa exchanged blows and drew, which favored the eighth seed Malagasies (IM Fy Antenaina Rakotomaharo and Aina Mahasambatra Tsinjoviniavo), who won bronze thanks to a greater number of game points.

Final standings

4South Africa8
9Ivory Coast6


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